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In the half year since my last post, things have happened. I'm not… - Philip Hazelden

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January 23rd, 2010

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08:03 am
In the half year since my last post, things have happened. I'm not even going to try to document most of it. It would take too long and be boring.

Last Sunday I went to a Celidh with John and Jo and Becky. John was going because his friend was having a birthday party there, Jo and Becky wanted to go, and I tagged along because they invited me and I thought it might be fun even though I didn't know what one was. I was right. There's another one on March 14th which it seems likely that people will be going to, so I probably will as well. There may also be an airsoft skirmish that day, in which case my legs will probably be sore for a week afterwards.

My headphones broke recently. They still play music, and some of it is recognisable, but it sounds horrible and vocals in particular are almost impossible to make out. I'm not too upset. They lasted over two years, they were pretty cheap, and they sounded good while they lasted. I would happily replace them, but the only time I listen to music lately is when walking to/from campus, which is only ten minutes with a high chance of seeing people I know. It seems really antisocial to cut myself off from the world in that situation. So instead I bought an ocarina, because HT had just posted a list of good cheap ocarinas and where to buy them. My plan is to play that instead of listening to music.

I ordered it last wednesday and it hasn't arrived yet, which is annoying. I think I remember seeing a ten-day delivery estimate, which will be up when the mail arrives today, but I can't find that any more. Shipping from Korea was $6.99, so I wouldn't expect it to be super fast. But what bugs me is they haven't sent an email saying "we've shipped your order, expect it by this date/here's a tracking number". So I have no idea when I should start making enquiries if it doesn't arrive. And I think the mail sometimes arrives at a time when noone's home, so I can't be certain that it hasn't gone back to the post office with a note through our door that we didn't notice or something.

Last night we managed to cook for and feed something like 18 people in this house. It was pretty impressive. I think 8 or so of them are still in the lounge, either sleeping or trying to. I haven't slept; I need to get up at 6am tomorrow, so my plan is to get an early night, ratheer than trying to get to sleep less than twelve hours after waking up, as I would do if I slept now.

I had two/three exams last week. Data Structures and Algorithms shouldn't have been bad, but I was stupid and didn't write an algorithm I'd discovered for one question because I wasn't sure it was correct, which probably cost me a considerable amount. Algorithm Design, in the same paper, went better. Math Stats also went surprisingly well. I don't know when I get results.

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